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Project Real Loves is more than a traveling Life Enrichment program. It is a Movement, that aims to promote a healthy image of love without borders or compromise. We focus on the whole person and shatter myths about what love is and is not, bringing a message of truth, that will inspire, educate and empower women and girls of all ages. We speak to the:






Through symposiums we tackle a variety of thought provoking questions that ignite passionate discussions. We promote confidence, integrity while establishing positive relationships with women that lead to healthy self-esteem, productivity and accountability. In addition, our symposiums make a difference in developing the mindset of those in need of encouragement, knowledge and direction.

Love is intricate and can be difficult to understand and deal with whether it’s self-love or relationships both romantic and non-romantic. We are not taught how to love and sometimes we need to go back to basics and start all over on a solid foundation so that we can live the life we truly deserve.

Pink Girl (2).png